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The Gaming and Technology Brands Using Instagram 0

Gaming and technology brands are very much aware that the competition extends everywhere including social media. It is not surprising therefore to see many known brands making their presence felt through their own insta challenges in Instagram. Look at who’s using Instagram to their advantage.


Sega Instagram

Sega maintains its own official Instagram feed. It is updated by a community team based in San Francisco. It already has more than 15,000 followers.


Nintendo Instagram

The Instagram page of Nintendo features all thing Nintendo, but of course. Users can tag their Nintendo photos with #nintendo to be part of the story. The page offers behind-the-scene and event coverage images. It currently has more than 85,000 followers.


Playstation Instagram

The PlayStation Instagram page has more than 210, 000 followers. PlayStation is the console brand of Sony. The official Instagram page regularly features pictures of new hardware and people playing their games. Event photos and behind-the-scene coverage all also likely finds here.

What is the logic of gaming and technology brands having a presence in Instagram? Just like other businesses that have long discovered the power of images in bringing forth important messages, the above brands as well as many others know that they cannot be left behind when it comes to any social media platform. The power of effective images spread instantaneously cannot be underestimated.

Game Sequels Funded Through Kickstarter 0

A quick check through the Kickstarter platform will reveal that there are at least 20 proposals for funding game sequels. However, only three have been successfully funded so far. Here are the three successfully funded Kickstarter games:

The Longest Journey

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is a much awaited sequel to the PC game adventure “The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey”. This sequel has been designed to be a 3D adventure game for Mac, Linus, and Windows PC. It takes on a futuristic cyberpunk presentation of the world and takes the player into the realm of magic and beauty. It offers an interesting twist into the parallel worlds of Arcadia which is governed by magic and characterized by chaos, and Stark which offers the balance of science and order.

This project surpassed its original funding goal of $ 850,000 and obtained a total of $ 1,538,425 from 21,858 backers. And so the saga continues…

The Iron Age

Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age – Roll Dice and Make History

Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age – Roll Dice and Make History is the sequel to the highly awarded “Roll Through the Ages: Bronze Age”. It is a board game where players get to build empires in the tradition of Greece, Phoenicia, and Rome. This game invites players to build a civilization in under an hour.

Also surpassing its comparatively modest funding goal of $ 20,000, it was able to obtain a total of $ 66,146 from 1,015 backers. The creators of this game did not find producing a sequel a breeze. This is common with highly successful originals. Come to think of it, who would bother creating a sequel for unsuccessful games anyway?


Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest

Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest is the official sequel to to the multiplayer real-time strategy game “Galcon”. Think of launching swarms of ships to attack enemy planets and conquering the galaxy and you will have a pretty clear idea of what the game is all about. Players should particularly be watching out for the trophy system and the clan support features  which are expected to add layers of excitement to the game.

It was able to obtain total funding to date in the amount of $ 25,741, just a little over its funding goal courtesy of 823 backers. It is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux computers. It is expected to be ported to the iOS platform upon release.

Most Successfully Funded Gaming Projects Proposed through the Kickstarter Program 0

The ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store was created specifically to promote successful projects proposed through the Kickstarter program. With the main emphasis on successfully funded and developed projects, the site brings interested individuals directly to the creator’s page. This arrangement makes it a lot easier to buy Kickstarter products with confidence.


It would be interesting to note the most successfully funded gaming projects proposed through the Kickstarter Program. It has to be noted the amount is not the only consideration since success is usually measured in relation to the original goal amount. The percentage of surpassing the target is the main criteria in this list. Actual success of the games is of course another issue that has yet to be seen and proven in time.

Keyflower: The Farmers



Keyflower: The Farmers is one of the most successful in terms of reaching its funding goal. With an original goal of $500, it was able to get total funding of $35,132 from 736 backers. This is equivalent to about 7,026% in funding.

Each player will be able to develop his own village over four seasons by successfully bidding on tiles. Its theme is the development of the agricultural side of the economy which is pretty much an uncomplicated proposition for a game. Points are obtained through breeding of animals, harvesting wheat, and layout of fields.

Shadows of Brimstone


Shadows of Brimstone is another gaming proposal that is deemed successful in terms of funding goals as it was able to obtain 4,471% of its original funding goal of $30,000. Its total funding as of this time is $ 1,341,305, quite a hefty sum for what was supposed to a conservative funding goal. It has 4,727 backers.

It is a dungeon-crawl board game set in the Old West with an element of horror. Players take on a  role of Western hero Archetype and venture into the dark mines overrun by ancient demons and other foul creatures. It also offers an optional add-ons menu of The Other World.

Ouya: A New Kind of Video Game Console



The most successfully funded in terms of total funding amount obtained under the Games category is the Ouya. A total of $8,596,474 as of this time from 63,426 backers has been obtained. The original funding goal was $950,000.

Ouya is a game console for TV powered by Android. The Ouya is a world-class controller, console, and interface in one. With its open design, users can create their own games right at their own living room.


When Parents and Children Play Video Games Together 0

Family-oriented games can bring parents and children together through play. Video games can just be one of the many bonding activities of families. What is highly advantageous about these games is that they are easily accessible at home and families can always play together.



The Usual Blame Factor

Video games have been blamed a lot of times for behavioral and attitude problems of children. This has made most parents naturally anxious and reluctant to allow their children to engage in it. So how much more for them to play with the same games with their kids?

Some video games have definitely earned the bad reputation they got with regards to parental opinion but there are many that can be quite suitable for family fun. Of course,  family activities will have to consist of other types of activities since video games all throughout is not healthy. The fact remains that video games can provide another dimension to happy family relationships.

Benefits of Playing as a Family

Having made clear that video gaming is just but one aspect of fun family life, we can enumerate a number of benefits that can be derived from it.

1. Play will never be play without the voluntary participation of children. Parents can provide more benefits of play to children when they involve themselves in their children’s world. A lot of video games simulate dreams of children to be heroes, princesses, athletes, race car drivers, and other personalities that  they hope to be in the future. This is showing interest in what children believe is important. This also shows support for mental and emotional development in all aspects.

2. Play is a way to interact with children without the formalities of parent-child relationships while keeping respect intact. It also presents an opportunity for learning especially in matters of winning and losing a game. Some games will teach the value of taking turns.

3. Playing video games at home eliminates the high cost of going out to a mall and other public recreational places. There will also be less temptation  to buy unnecessary things. Also, there will always be less unwanted distractions.

Playing video games is not bad per se. It becomes bad when parents allow it to be the substitute for their guidance or when children purposely avoid doing other things just to do it non-stop.

Playing video games can serve its purpose of giving fun without much complication.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information to offer to her readers. She currently maintains four personal blogs.

Foxconn Taking Firefox OS to Tablets 0


Earlier this week, Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn made the news for announcing its plans to release both smartphones and tablets featuring the Firefox OS. This represents a strategy shift for the electronics giant: Now Foxconn can focus on not just manufacturing the hardware for smartphones, tablets and other devices, but can present the software as a value-added component. This might encourage more companies and brands to source tablet or other devices from Foxconn. But what does it mean for consumers?

General manager of the Innovation Digital System Business Group at Foxconn, Young Liu, sees many benefits for consumers. Because the new products run on an open source OS from Mozilla, leading open source software developer, consumers receive a greater degree of openness and flexibility. This is not a proprietary system, as both Mac and Windows OS are. While there are versions of Firefox available for Android devices, these must be installed by users and are limited in performance because they must conform to the underlying Android programming. Since open source products can be used freely and modified, users of the new Foxconn-Firefox products can make changes to the system that make it easier to use. Think of it like a jailbroken iPhone, without any of the legal conundrums iOS users face when jailbreaking their electronics.

If you think the electronics market is already oversaturated with tablets and smartphones, Firefox OSs list of supporters may change your opinion. Major companies including LG Electronics, Huawei and Qualcomm have already partnered with Mozilla. So have mobile network operators including America Movil, China Unicom, Deutsche Teleko, MegaFon, Sprint, Qtel and others. While the relative lack of U.S. carriers means that you probably won’t be playing Xbox Live games on your Firefox tablet anytime soon, that’s actually by design: These products are intended as a budget-conscious alternative to devices on the market, and they’re aimed at countries outside the U.S. Where are the first markets for these products? Eastern Europe and South America, specifically Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain, and Venezuela, according to Mozilla. Expect the first Foxconn-Firefox phones to hit the market sometime in 2013, with updated versions in late 2013 into 2014.

Some worry that Firefox OS will be a hard sell in an already crowded market. While the latest iPhones or Androids are too pricey for some, potential buyers can always make a bargain by choosing an older model of phone. Tablets have likewise come down in price from their initial launch, and can often be an affordable alternative to the traditional desktop or laptop. To really succeed, Firefox OS will need to court app developers who can populate the operating system’s version of an app store with apps users need and want. In short, even though Firefox has made strides and has built a coalition of powerful allies, there is a lot of work left to do.

Expect continued innovation from this partnership. If you’re interested in trying a Firefox phone for yourself, phones are not yet sold in the U.S. but they are available for order — and the price isn’t bad.

Is There Such a Thing as Video Game Addiction? 0

The moment a person manifests signs and symptoms of extreme use of something, there is a tendency to classify it as a form of addiction. The usual determinant of addiction is if it is in such a magnitude as to disrupt and interfere with everyday living. In the world of computer and video games, there are certain reports that lend credence to the existence of the so-called video game addiction.

File:Children playing video games.jpg


Real Condition or Not

Video game addiction as of this time is not yet considered a formal diagnosis. However, the signs of the proposed condition is said to be similar to that manifested by people diagnosed to have psychological conditions. Some compare video game overuse to impulse control disorder and compulsive gambling. Still, the available information still does not warrant its inclusion as a real disorder.

So how do we classify and address a person’s obvious overuse and misuse of video games to his own detriment? Do we ignore the signs since it is not considered a medical condition of any sort? How do we reconcile what the medical world says with what is happening in the real world?

Telltale Signs

There are certain telltale signs that should alert a family if one of their members are traveling the dangerous path towards overuse of video games. Extreme players tend to isolate themselves from family and friends in the name of continuing their games. Some will cease to have a social life and will refuse to go out just to play. Even personal  hygiene is sacrificed along the way.

Extreme activities are the things to look out for when trying to determine the tendency towards a semblance of video game addiction. Anything done or not done because of video game playing which are out of the ordinary requires some preventive action. This is especially so among very young children who may not have the capability to differentiate between right and wrong.

Interesting Findings

In different studies conducted related to video game playing, there are some interesting findings to consider for further study:

* Majority of players that show signs of addiction to playing video games admit to using it as an escape from the real world.

* Online playing games tend to encourage addiction to gaming than any other form.

* Males are more prone to video game addiction than females.

* Video game addiction is associated with the desire to try new experiences as well as the feeling of incompetence in maintaining personal relationships.

* Parenting style is closely related to the occurrence of video game addiction.





















Who is the Gamer? 0

download (31)


Who indeed is the gamer?  In present common parlance, a gamer refers to a player of video games.  These may include people who do not necessarily see themselves as regular players as well as those that practically live and breathe gaming.  Serious gamers not only play, they also learn and study the games and bring gaming to an entirely new level.

Gamers have their own communities where they can participate and interact with other like-minded people.  These communities usually come in the form of discussion forums and other virtual communities. Social clubs in schools, universities, and other places where interest in gaming is alive are also fertile grounds for lively interaction.

Behind the gaming attitude, is there one single profile of a gamer? There have been attempts to classify gamers according to their level of intensity and the amount if time spent in playing thus we hear of casual gamers and their extreme counterpart- the hard-core gamers.  Those that fall somewhere in between are referred to as mid-core gamers. There are also the newbie gamers and the professional gamers who treat gaming as a source of income.  In simple terms, they mainly play for money.

In this sense, the playing part tends to be relegated to the background. This is especially so when gamers are sponsored by big companies to play and win.  It is not uncommon for the more successful professional gamers to gain a following of their own.

Real interest and enjoyment in gaming can be the primary reason why anyone would even consider making a career out of it.  One must have a keen interest in the gaming industry itself.  The best opportunities in the industry lie in game development.

Now, game development is not something one just decides to do without having any foundation or basis for it.  One needs to be very interested in working with technology because a career in the gaming industry is definitely not child’s play.  It is as serious as any other career that requires time, devotion, and ability.

Unless one is a game developer who intends to go solo all the way which is often referred to as indie developers, it is necessary to know how to work with other people since most games are products of collaboration between many talents and expertise. Testing a game for any loophole is not as easy as it seems.  It is a long way off from playing a game since testing is synonymous to serious work rather leisurely play.

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information.


Adult Content in Video Games – So What’s Next? 0

After all the ruckus about violent games coming into the hands of young gamers, another  threat that spoils the intent of clean fun and entertainment is the introduction of adult content in video games. Ratings and classification do not ensure protection.  It is the  decision of the game developers first and foremost to create or not to create such games that will make the big difference.

Games primarily target the youth thus it is quite unthinkable really why such content should find its way in there.  It isn’t as if there are already so much issues that parents have to contend with to protect their children that such material will have to included in what is supposed to be way for a family to enjoy together.  Games at first glance cannot be judged outright for fitness to young and even older children.

It is the primary responsibility of game developers to come up with products that can be enjoyed by a market or age group that naturally wants to play.  Putting these games out and then passing on the responsibility to parents to censor in behalf of their children is not an exact science.  Parents will have to see for themselves each and every game that is peddled in the market to make an informed decision. Manufacturers’ ratings do not always agree with values held by individuals and families so it would be risky to rely on ratings alone.

Parents, of course cannot run away from taking personal responsibility for their children so a little help from game developers will certainly go a long way.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information.

Image: newmatilda

How to Play Games Safely 0

Image: kotaku

Playing video games is supposed to be fun and safe.  Few people realize that there are certain health risks related to playing video games.  These risks mainly arise from improper positioning and excessive playing time that will no longer constitute a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Parents are more often worried of the  psychological effects of some video games, forgetting that video games of whatever content can prove to be risky if the players choose to abuse their bodies in the process.

There are some things to consider to facilitate safe and healthy gaming.  First is to ensure that players can position themselves comfortably while playing.  Good posture must be maintained at all times and awkward positions must be avoided.  It is likewise important to take breaks in between so as to enable the body to relax.

Some of the more common issues that are related in a way to incorrect and excessive gaming and use of other technological devices such as computers and laptops include carpal tunnel syndrome, vibration syndrome, tendonitis, and tenosynovitis.  Some people have been known to have photosensitive seizures due to exposure to specific visual images such as flashing lights or patterns.  Seizures are manifested by face twitching, confusion, and shaking of arms or legs, among others.  Musculoskeletal disorders such as those mentioned above can be painful and disabling.

Players are advised not to play when tired or fatigued.  They are also advised not to use too much force in pressing buttons or keyboard keys.  Static positions held for a long time should be avoided.  Games are meant to be fun and it can be so if players will look after themselves correctly.


About the Author:

Teresa guides her children away from excessive gaming.

Console Gaming 0

Image: mactrast

Console gaming has been part of many people’s entertainment options since it was introduced in the market.  Its entertainment factor lies in its interactive nature.  As players manipulate images with accompanying sounds through a controller connected to the game console, unlimited fun becomes the name of the game.

It is not surprising therefore that many people chose to take advantage of such fun which does not need much to enjoy.  These consoles can be played at home or any other places where families and groups of people can conveniently gather to play.  Aside from the game console itself, there is nothing else needed except for players who are out to enjoy and perhaps some snacks on the side.

It has not been exempted from its share of criticism because of the nature and content of some games.  Issues about excessive violence or glorification of crime have been raised by parents, psychologists, and concerned groups.  Parents therefore are strongly advised to oversee what games their children are actually playing.

Many people understandably do not readily associate entertainment and parental guidance since games are supposed to be harmless.  A rating system has been put in place for the purpose of educating parents with regards to games that they should be allowing their children to play.  With the observance of appropriate guidelines, console gaming can be enjoyed without having to think of negative effects.

Console gaming can be both entertaining and educational.  Learning is possible with the right choice of games.  It even affords learning as a family since many games are designed to accommodate all age groups.