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Fun Spelled as Xbox Live 0



Have you ever wanted a game so much that unmet expectations after purchase are the stuff your nightmares are made of?  Xbox Live makes the decision-making a lot easier for everyone by allowing prospective buyers to try new games before paying for them.  It is so easy to be caught up in the hype of how a game is supposed to be so great.  After all, which manufacturer will emphasize the bad side of a product?  Xbox gamers decide for themselves with a big help from having access to a wide range of games, demos, and trailers for free. 

After the initial excitement in a new game, it is possible that players will grow tired of it.  Xbox makes a bid to extend the excitement by offering numerous game add-ons in the form of new levels, characters, maps, or songs in the hope of creating further motivation to play.  Gamers can come together from different parts of the world through real-time connection and playing.

Unlike other game formats which are age or style-specific, Xbox Live has something for everyone.  It is a s simple as connecting your Xbox 360 to a free account and allowing fun to begin.  The more games are played, the more Microsoft points are obtained for purchasing new games or even movies and music.

There has never been a better excuse to spend family time together while having the option to place limitations based on age-appropriateness when kids are left playing on their own.  With the right accessories, gaming enjoyment is maximized.  The Xbox Kinect Sensor for one, allows players to be the controller upon the sensor’s recognition, taking the player to different levels and greater heights of fun.

Make Your Own Xbox 360 Live Arcade Game! 0

Ask almost any young child who enjoys playing videogames what they want to be when they grow up, and they’ll probably answer you ‘videogames maker’. However, the idea that videogames developers simply sit around playing games all day is far from the truth. They are very specialist jobs and it is a challenging industry to get into. But never fear! If you have a passion for creating your own games and levels, Xbox Live Arcade lets you do just that! Follow these steps and you could see your own game available for players to buy and play through the Xbox system!

Learn Your Trade

As stated above, making a professional game is not at all an easy process. Computer code can be very difficult to learn and can even take years to master. The sort of program that Microsoft will expect you to code with will take experience and knowledge. If you have never programmed a game before, chances are you will have to take a college course or some kind of additional education simply to use the program. This, of course, can be expensive, but if you are seriously dedicated about learning computer code, this is the best way to go. Have a look online to see if there are any colleges in your area that teach computer code or videogame mechanics. continue reading…

A Look-back at Xbox Live Arcade 0


The official announcement and launching of the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) happened in the year 2004.  It was originally obtained by ordering through the website of Microsoft.  Buyers were given a free version of the Ms. Pac-Man when they were sent the disc through mail.  There were six titles available at its launching which customers can easily expand through additional purchases once connected to Xbox Live. 

There were about 27 games released in the original Xbox.  These included Alien Sky, AstroPop, Atomakers, Bankshot Billiards, Bejeweled, Bookworm, Dangerous Mines, Dino and Aliens, Feeding Frenzy, Fuzzle Fever, Gauntlet, Guardian, Hamsterball, Hardwood Solitaire, Joust, Marble Blast Gold, Ms. Pac-Man, Mutant Storm, Namco Vintage, Orbz, Pipeline, Ricochet Lost Worlds, Robotron: 2084, Smash TV, Super Collapse II, ThinkTanks, and Zuma.  Its relaunching in 2005 was marked by the Xbox 360.

All the titles provided on the Xbox 360 featured high-definition graphics, support for leaderboards and 200 achievement points.  Trial versions were made available for free downloading although purchase of the full version was required to complete the game experience which included the option to play multiplayer mode online.  Further additions and enhancements were facilitated through software updates.

Interest in Xbox was largely sustained by programs launched by Microsoft such as the “Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays” and the “XBLA Summer of Arcade” as well as the release of compilation discs of several games.  Through the years, Xbox Live Arcade Game registered an impressive download record.  The Microsoft points earned by customers in the Live Arcade games were being used to purchase succeeding games offered.  Some of the earlier released games have been discontinued due to expired license, and the existing evolving rights and permissions of game publishers.  The entertainment experience has been changed forever with the coming of the Xbox.


Transferring Xbox Live Arcade Games to a New Machine 0

One of the biggest benefits of having an Xbox is that you can download all the titles you like without having to amass a large collection of discs and boxes. Simply sign in to Xbox Live and you can choose from a variety of games to download, including budget titles at low prices if you are a little short on cash. However, if you have to get a new Xbox and a new hard drive for some reason, what’s going to happen to your games? They’re all stored on your old hard drive and you’ll have to repurchase them all again right? Wrong! There is a way for Xbox Live Arcade users to transfer all of the titles they have purchased from one machine to another, helping you avoid the headache of lost games or having to rebuy the titles from scratch! Follow these simple guidelines if you want to transfer your Xbox titles from one machine to another. continue reading…