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Cyber Monday – The Biggest Online Shopping Day 0


The sale fever has not yet subsided after Black Friday as it continues on to the biggest day for online retailers – Cyber Monday.  It was a direct offshoot of the observed increase in online purchases on Monday after Thanksgiving.  Essentially a marketing term to encourage online shopping, Cyber Monday was first heard by the American market in 2005.  There are at least seven countries who are known to observe this day including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, New Zealand, and Chile.

What is particularly exciting about this day is the chance to get hold of extraordinary deals for Xbox games which we wouldn’t normally see at other times of the year.  The considerably slashed prices are enough to make any gamer head for the nearest store  even if it means falling behind extremely long lines.  Fortunately, consumers can get hold of the same deals if not better, through online shopping.

Retailers are bent on pushing out the best promotions today hoping to make use of the momentum created by Black Friday.  Active online shoppers are either hoping to finish their gift-buying early or taking advantage of being able to shop away from the eyes of the usual recipients which of course includes family and friends.  The ability to shop from any location, whether at home or at work, can be too tempting to pass up.

Online shopping platforms are all out in their efforts to make online shopping as smooth as possible without the usual glitches associated with online transactions and inconvenience of shopping offline.  With almost everybody having broadband access, consumers are discovering the wonders of the so-called couch-commerce where buyers need need stand up and go out to buy something they like.   For most gamers, it is another excuse for uninterrupted gaming.



From Movies to Games 0

Game developers have long been aware of a winning formula to capture the attention of a wider range of audience which is to use a movie concept to create a familiar yet exciting gaming experience.  One of the latest to hit the market in the Xbox 360 platform is the  Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7  It is easy to surmise that its predecessor,Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 , was fairly successful  in its effort to cross-over the the thrill of casting spells and making potions.  Like its movie counterpart, the game features the familiar characters, plot and series of story installments.  Add to this the equally familiar Lego concept of building, puzzles, and collecting, and you have another winner by virtue of association.

Notice that the development of games based on association relies heavily on the positive experiences derived from its origin of concept.  With this particular offering, we have a series of blockbuster movies and a home byword in the toy department providing able support to the featured new game.   Introducing the concept of the game which is usually the most difficult to sell is made less tedious by the prior exposure of consumers to its origin.  Developers basically just have to work on the existing popularity and try to live up to it and not disappoint.

The online support provided by the Xbox 360 format helps to create variations from either the book or the movie to provide enough surprise and interest in the game.  Reviews refer to the game’s simplicity as the probable reason why it can be addictive to play.  Simplicity does not mean lack of content and visual stimulation which games targetted on children cannot afford not to have. 


Widen Your Audience Reach 0


A target audience means customers, which in turn mean business revenue.  An earning enterprise has the staying power to allow a business to fulfill its other goals which may not necessarily be monetary in nature.  In the blogging world, finding a specific niche to write for is the key to a captive audience that is more likely to patronize the site.  In hotly contested niches, it is a must to promote your blog.

It is very easy for bloggers to get lost in their own world while writing  and in the process forget the fact that they also need to write for others.  They need to do this through contents that relate to readers in a language they can understand.  While it is a safe presumption that most regular readers are able to understand the terminologies unique to a specific field, it wouldn’t hurt to widen the audience reach  by providing articles that can be understood by the general audience.  In a way, it is a form of strategy to increase readership.

Blogs that concentrate on specific gadgets as well as their applications and uses should consider laying the foundation for the less-techy readers by providing backgrounders and other easy-to-digest information that could lead to better understanding.  In this way, they would be better equipped to appreciate more complex information if they are truly interested in pursuing the subject.  Readers will keep coming back if they are able to find the information they need.

You, as a blogger, can make online readers aware that your blog has the information they seek by having it reviewed by a reliable site such as  For a standard fee of $ 14.99, your blog gets the benefit of a review published in the site with a backlink provided to your blog.  The sign-up and payment process is quite simple and can be finished in a minute.  To widen your audience reach, you need to get the word out about your blog’s existence.  Further exposure and backlinks are provided by the site’s more advanced membership programs.