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The Next Best Thing to Disneyland 0

No one really gets too old to appreciate Disneyland and what it represents.  In lieu of actual hobnobbing with your favorite Disney characters and riding the marvelous rides in the park, you can try the next best thing to Disneyland – the Kinect Disneyland Adventures.  It can temporarily fill in the void of not being able to go to the park while enabling you to enjoy with your family for the price of the game.  Now that should count a lot considering the cost of a single admission ticket.

The secret to truly enjoying the game is the same as when you physically enter the park.  You set aside your adult inhibitions for a while (at least during the game) to be the child you were once upon a time in your life.  It goes without saying of course that this game is best played with children who can best appreciate the simple joys of having fun.  It is ideal for the whole family since it contains games that will be too easy and boring for adults as well as games that can be a bit challenging for younger players.  Everyone will have the chance to participate depending on the level of difficulty.

Even if it is unabashedly promoted as a kid’s game which it is, this is no reason for adults to retreat and just watch their children play.  Meeting the Disney characters is always a treat and it is no different in the game.  With a little imagination, players can actually see the magic that can only come from Disney.