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Can Seniors Play Xbox Games? 0

The most recommended games for senior citizens are the so-called brain games or memory games that are said to keep the brain active and prevent memory loss.  Seniors however, are fast catching up with the younger generation in relation to gaming.  In fact, a considerable increase in the number of senior gamers has been observed over the past years.

This increase in numbers is not at all surprising considering that the variety of electronic games suitable for seniors is likewise expanding.   Although there is nothing that would prevent any senior from playing a game he or she wants, maximized advantages are expected from playing games that promote motion control and cognitive ability.

Classic card and board games can now be played in just about any modern gaming console such as Nintendo Wii, the Playstation, and the Xbox 360.  Wii Sports and Wii Resort are especially friendly to senior gamers.  Xbox also has something to offer through Kinect.

Seniors battling conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease may still be able to dance with Kinect through dancing games such as Just Dance and Dance Central.  It is interesting to note that Kinect sensors are used by some living centers for seniors for the purpose of gathering data about the movement and motion of its residents   This information specifically the gait data which can help in discovering ways to minimize fall risks which is a major problem among sensors.

The sense of well-being obtained from participating in fun physical activities such as gaming is highly beneficial to adults.  Microsoft has made donations of Kinect for Xbox 360 to senior centers with games and subscription to Xbox Live.  The reported consistency in attendance among seniors for health management activities of this nature is quite encouraging.